If there is a piece of paper, you could change it into a piano in a second.

If there is a piece of paper, you could perform Face-Changing yourself

If there is a piece of paper, you could do anything using your imagination. What will you do?

MagicPAPER is an integrated shadow-art hardware device enabling touch interaction on kraft paper. We preserve th e comfortable touch of the traditional paper and allow users to combine physical paintings or virtual tools to the kraf t paper to realize physical touch interaction. We have chosen many different themes. And for each theme, we design ed unique and suitable interaction, such as playing the Mazeball by gesturecontrol and so on. Up to now, we have dev eloped 13 ,including the Dimension Door, Balls, Kitty cup, Mazeball, Gesture-board, Fast mask-changing , Brush teeth , Music defend, Color potion, Flat Cube, Shoot, Piano and Color potion.

We will try more and create more flexible and diverse physical touch interactions on the paper and give users more comfortable and interactive experience.


Program Leader

Sirui Wang

Program members:

Jiayuan Wang

Chenmei Yu

Maozhu Yinyang

Tong Su

Zixiong Qin