According to the World Health Organization's statistics in 2016, the sub-healthy has already reached 75% on the world. Therefore, we designed a massage robot with some robotic arms, which allows users to achieve some additional features through head movement or shoulder shaking. In order to realize the real-time and obtain effective feedback of the system, we use the control algorithm and the real-time detection algorithm for the robotic- arms. This is a strap-type robot, which users are able to wear the device and adjust the tightness easily. There are some intelligent control components for motion detection, a portable power supply, four robotic arm massage, a robotic arm head massage, a multi- functional robotic arm claw holder and a back massage module. Anmoji is able to detect the rotation of the head and match the corresponding functions, such as head massage, shoulder massage, back massage and others. Then, even their hands are occupied, users can control the function modules’ location to relax by just putting the head up, down, left or right and shake shoulders when the function is selected.


Qin Wu

Program Leader

Yanjun Chen

Program members:

Sirui Wang

Chenmei Yu

Yuwei Li