Table War

During the spring and autumn period, the story of Mozi and Pan Gongshu simulating offensive and defensive in Chuwang Hall was well known.

Do you want to experience such fierce confrontation as well?

Table War is an augmented reality projection interactive game which with the theme of attack and defense in ancient Chinese cities.Our device consists of an interactive augmented reality projector and dual real- time competitive card game software, through which the players and observers can see a three- dimensional attack and defense battle showing on the table. With the help of modern technology, we can get the unique attack and defense experience like the masters of pre-qin dynasty ever expericed. At the same time, we have designed particular art style and interactive modes.Therefore, both participants and viewers can feel the fierce atomosphere of the siege and guarding of cities in ancient wars and unique cultural characteristics in the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Period .


Qin Wu

Program Leader

Yuehao Qin

Program members:

Sihan zhou

Rui Xu

Yu Luo

Shuping Tan