The Legend of ‘Shi-Bi’

The Legend of ‘Shi-Bi’ is an AR mobile puzzle game based on the cultural story of Qiang, which is inspired by the stories of ‘Shi-Bi’ and ‘Poison Cat’. ‘Shi-Bi’ is the host of religious activities while ‘Poison Cat’ represents evil in the religious culture of Qiang. Combining these two characters, we designed the game background, and let players take risks in the game as the boy Naji(means luck in Qiang), solve puzzles, save the ‘Shi-Bi’ and destroy the ‘Poison Cat’. Players need to scan a pre-designed AR card to enter the game.

By far, we have designed ‘illusion’, ’seed’ and other playing methods. In the future, we will continue to improve the game, design more playing methods related to the story without losing interest, and create a better user experience.


Qin Wu

Program Leader

Yingjie Huang

Program members:

Yalan Zhao

Lunyu Shan

Qian Deng